With so much competition arising in today’s online community, developers are driven to become even more innovative and ingenious in their applications.  However, most developers are limited in achieving results due to lack of platforms on which they could launch and build their applications. Another limiting factor is the amount of advertising their products or applications need to have in order to be patronized by the online community.



Browser extensions provide a great platform for new applications that sill need to gain patronizing users. The use of browser extensions is a great way to promote and advertise the application development companies, and in turn, increase their site traffic and expand their market.



Web Pick releases its new service, JustPlugIt, which offers the cross-platform development platform that is beneficial to aspiring developers. Developers only need to sign up with the site for them to start using its full service. Web Pick has developed the ultimate development platform wherein developers are able build or create their own browser extensions.



Using JustPlugIt, developers are able to accomplish the following with their browser extensions:


·         Create tailor-made and comprehensive solutions that are compatible with all major browsers

·         Build their application easier with a comprehensive and unified API, which means one code and multiple platform support

·         Publish and promote their applications allowing their companies to gain value and take profit from their applications

·         Maintain, manage and update their applications effortlessly



JustPlugIt offers the unique solution that should pave the way for online developers to achieve the goals they aim for their applications and products.  It is a complete solution in itself, and should trigger the rise of newly developed applications that are soon to be patronized by the online community.

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