If you have a road accident, that is not your fault, you are better to ring a specialist road accident claim company, than to use your own insurer. This article explains the benefits of using a road accident claim company, and what you need to be aware of when selecting one.
The first thing to look at is whether you are comprehensively insured or only third party. If you only have third party cover, your insurer will not help with your road accident claim, even though the accident was not your fault. They only get involved in road accident claims where they have to meet liability to the other driver, which is only when the accident is you’re your fault.

If you use a specialist accident management company, they will handle your road accident claim, even though you only have third party cover. Companies such as these specialist road accident claim ones will sort all aspects of your car claim out. They will arrange a replacement car to use, if yours is not road worthy. If the road accident was not too severe they will arrange an engineer to inspect your car. A report of the damage will be made, & a copy sent to the other driver’s insurers.
An accident management company will also look after your injury claim. They will arrange any medical treatment you may require, to help you recover from your road accident. Likewise, they will claim for other losses that are part of your road accident claim. These include such areas as loss of earnings ( if you are off work because of your road accident), any goods that were damaged in the accident. They will also arrange any specialist medical treatment that you may require. Thios is funded by the insurer of the guilty driver.
Even if you are fully comprehensively insured, you will often find it is better to use a specialist road accident claim company. Your own insurer may insist on you paying any policy excess, even though the road accident was not your fault.
Insurers often require you to run around, getting repair quotes- whereas a specialist road accident claim company will do all that for you. Likewise, your own insurer may not offer a suitable replacement car. Often they only provide a basic replacement, which may be no use if you have a large family, or need to have a quality car for business trips. A lot of insurers only offer a limited cover on replacement cars. Often, if your car is declared a write-off, your insurer will not supply a replacement. You are left without any transport, until your road accident claim has been paid out.
There have been a lot of complaints about insurers insisting accident repairs are done at their approved repairers, rather than at main dealers. This is because the insurers have deals with approved repairers, in order to keep costs down. However, a bad repair can seriously reduce the future resale value of your car; even though your road accident was not your fault, why should yuou lose out, when making a road accident claim?
If you use an accident management company, you will be supplied with a suitable car, which you can use until your road accident claim is fully paid it.It does not matter if your car is a write-off, you are still entitled to a replacement car, until your road accident claim is fully sorted. Also a specialist road accident claim company will provide you with a suitable replacement, rather than just any car available.
Likewise, you can elect for your road accident claim repairs to be done by a main dealer, rather than some backstreet repairer the insurer approves.
To conclude, using your own insurer, to handle your road accident claim, is seldom the best route forward. You will save time, money & get much better service all round, by using a specialist road accident claims company.

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