Do you need waterproof Bluetooth Speaker? Searching for Bath Bluetooth Speaker might be a little bit tough because on few companies offer this type of product. However, you are very lucky as Slive finally offers best Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker called S-Bubble. The company is very proud that they finally launched their latest product. It greatly shows that this little-known company slowly creates its own name and reputation in the industry. Well, most of big companies actually started from being small. So, with Slive’s dedication and passion on creating excellent products like S-Bubble, then for sure this company will be on the top.

What is S-Bubble?

Do you love listening to music at the bathroom? Well, looks like that you are not alone because Slive developed this product for people who actually love listening and singing while taking a bath. S-Bubble is the fruit of company’s continuous innovation and intense research for developing a product that can meet people’s wants, needs and interest. It is expected that the company will release S-Bubble at the end of the month.

The company chose excellent and suitable slogan so that people will easily know how this product work. The slogan of the product is "The way to enjoy your bath". The product is actually designed to use while you are taking a bath. It is actually the first Bluetooth speaker design focus for bath in the United States of America. Features of the product are listed below:

The product floats automatically. It is considered as one of the most unique features of the product developed by Slive.

It has an excellent mechanical design that makes it suitable to use in the water. It has excellent draining systems that automatically drain off water and avoid sinking. The company actually conducted intense research to develop excellent mechanical system of the product.

It comes with excellent Lighting-up Water LED Strip.

It is waterproof that’s why you do not need to worry about its system when you use it in the water. The waterproof system of the product is JIS IPx6.

                It releases good sound quality so that users can enjoy taking a bath while using this product.

It also has excellent Bluetooth range.

The battery of the product is not Lithium. The company decided not to use Lithium battery for safety purposes.  It uses AA batteries. Comfort and safety of users are part of company’s considerations. It is one main reason why the product does not use rechargeable Lithium battery.

Given all the features of the product, it greatly shows that latest product of the company is the best. It is easy to use and it guarantees user’s safety. You are guaranteed that you can completely use this product while you are taking a bath because Slive actually developed this product for this purpose. Slive is a dedicated company that starts to establish its own reputation in the market industry. At Slive, you are guaranteed that the company can meet your wants and needs.

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