Charging an electric car doesn't have to be an arduous task. Finding a charging station is easier 
than ever as more and more start to spring up in areas all across the UK. These various electric 
car charging options give you the freedom to use your car as regularly as needed without having 
to worry about the batteries not being able to get you home at the end of the day. There are a 
number of different charging options available to you wherever you may be. Lets take a look at 
some of the different ways which we can charge our electric cars.  
The most obvious place where you can charge your electric car is in the home. With a steady 
supply of electricity and access to plug points. Even if you don’t have specialist electric car 
charging options in your home, a simple 3 point plug and extension cable will still do the trick. 
Whilst this might not be the most efficient charging method, it still does the trick getting your car 
up to full charge even if it takes a bit longer than usual. If you are out and about then charging 
requires finding an electric car charging point to get your batteries back up to one hundred 
There are now a number of public charging stations springing up across the country which are 
available for use by electric car owners who need a charge when they are out and about. Many 
shopping centers and car parks now have the facilities available to charge electric vehicles 
whilst visitors enjoy the local attractions and facilities. There are many electric car charging 
options available for you to use when out and about or in the home. There are now online maps 
telling you exactly where you can find new and exciting electric car charging options.