With a great deal of focus on London development recently, thanks to the recent New London Awards, a good number of forward thinking architects, landscape architects and developers will  derive inspiration and ideas from it's wonderful selection of winners, which included some excellent and creative landscape architects.

When it comes to developing within such a highly populated city, the challenge to many architects and developers is making the most of smaller outside spaces, such as balconies and roof gardens.  It's bringing life, livability and functionality to them, but at the same time, it's about taking the user out of the urban environment with the usage of natural-looking materials and greenery.  And one of the most effective ways of doing this is by the usage of planters.

Perimeta Corten planters and metal planter systems enable just that; the effortless integration of plants, shrubs, trees and green walls into the urban environment.  Not only do the green aesthetics break through the urban environment, but they also provide oxygen and extract pollutants from the air.  Greenery can be placed and moved effortlessly within any balcony or roof garden setting.

Especially with roof gardens, which are often enjoyed by numerous people, materials need to be hard wearing and safe, as well as functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Decking is a very commonly used material for bringing a natural warm wood feel to these spaces, but todays developers have to consider how their decking will perform, how resistant it is to water in relation to potential slip risks, and how it's going to be maintained and look in 5, 10 and even 20 years.  And this is why composite decking is fast becoming a more preferable medium.  

The leading Raaft Terrafina range of composite decking from Kinley Systems lends itself very well to a rooftop environment.  Roof gardens and balconies are subjected to a great deal of sun and water throughout the year. Because it is constructed using a uv-stabilised wood polymer composite, it needs very little maintenance, it does not warp, splinter or rot and it won't retain water, something that encourages algae and moss growth, which both pose risk of slipping.

Kinley Systems not only develops the afore-mentioned products, but also provides after-sales support that is second to none.  Developers, architects and landscape architects will be provided with technical data, along with CAD drawings and project consultations throughout any design and implementation process. 

So here's to London and the constantly improving standard of its developments.  With initiatives like the New London Awards, and with innovative products from companies like Kinley Systems, the future of the capital looks bright and rather green too!